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External Cloud Provider

To deploy a cluster using external cloud provider, create a cluster configuration with the external cloud provider template or refer to helm chart.

Steps of using external cloud provider template

  • After control plane is up and running, retrieve the workload cluster Kubeconfig:

    clusterctl get kubeconfig ${CLUSTER_NAME} --namespace default > ./${CLUSTER_NAME}.kubeconfig
  • Deploy a CNI solution (using Calico now)

    Note: choose desired version by replace <v3.23> below

    kubectl --kubeconfig=./${CLUSTER_NAME}.kubeconfig apply -f
  • Create a secret containing the cloud configuration

    templates/ <path/to/clouds.yaml> <cloud> > /tmp/cloud.conf
    kubectl --kubeconfig=./${CLUSTER_NAME}.kubeconfig create secret -n kube-system generic cloud-config --from-file=/tmp/cloud.conf
    rm /tmp/cloud.conf
  • Create RBAC resources and openstack-cloud-controller-manager deamonset

    kubectl --kubeconfig=./${CLUSTER_NAME}.kubeconfig apply -f
    kubectl --kubeconfig=./${CLUSTER_NAME}.kubeconfig apply -f
    kubectl --kubeconfig=./${CLUSTER_NAME}.kubeconfig apply -f
  • Waiting for all the pods in kube-system namespace up and running

    $ kubectl --kubeconfig=./${CLUSTER_NAME}.kubeconfig get pod -n kube-system
    NAME                                                    READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
    calico-kube-controllers-5569bdd565-ncrff                1/1     Running   0          20m
    calico-node-g5qqq                                       1/1     Running   0          20m
    calico-node-hdgxs                                       1/1     Running   0          20m
    coredns-864fccfb95-8qgp2                                1/1     Running   0          109m
    coredns-864fccfb95-b4zsf                                1/1     Running   0          109m
    etcd-mycluster-control-plane-cp2zw                      1/1     Running   0          108m
    kube-apiserver-mycluster-control-plane-cp2zw            1/1     Running   0          110m
    kube-controller-manager-mycluster-control-plane-cp2zw   1/1     Running   0          109m
    kube-proxy-mxkdp                                        1/1     Running   0          107m
    kube-proxy-rxltx                                        1/1     Running   0          109m
    kube-scheduler-mycluster-control-plane-cp2zw            1/1     Running   0          109m
    openstack-cloud-controller-manager-rbxkz                1/1     Running   8          18m